This introductory adventure to Open Source is already at its midpoint, and while the learnings have been great and the experiences meaningful, I’m sure many of my fellow participants feel that a program like this should have an extended duration, and I am no exception. …

It’s almost been a month since the start of GSoC’s coding period and the work, I’m glad to write, is progressing at a steady and satisfactory rate.

The Developments

The last time around, my first ever not-so-meaningless contribution to open-source had just got merged, and I was really happy about it. But…

A Black Hole-Star Binary. Credit:

While I can’t come close to doing justice in explaining OpenSource, I would like to point out just how widespread its use is, and what better example for it than the most successful OpenSource project ever, that is, Linux. As far as statistics are concerned,

  • 100% of the world’s top…

Dhruv Vats

Trying to learn enough to ask the right questions

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