A Glimpse into my GSoC project

Why spectral representations?

Multi what?

A look at the DPSS tapers

A time series sampled from an autoregressive process of order 4.
For this example, we took the normalized half-bandwidth product to be equal to 4 (NW = 4), resulting in 8 tapers being used. The spectral concentration in the band [-W, W] can then be seen from the plots. (Here N, the number of data points, is 1024, hence, W = 4/N = 0.003906)

A brief summary of the Multitaper spectral estimation

The Final Result

Here the multitaper estimate uses the adaptive weighting technique and the first 7 DPSS tapers





Trying to learn enough to ask the right questions

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Dhruv Vats

Dhruv Vats

Trying to learn enough to ask the right questions

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