This introductory adventure to Open Source is already at its midpoint, and while the learnings have been great and the experiences meaningful, I’m sure many of my fellow participants feel that a program like this should have an extended duration, and I am no exception. Such an extended timeline could provide many benefits, such as the ability to work on more complex and sophisticated projects, more time to collaborate and improve, to name a few.

First Evaluation

Another noteworthy thing concerning GSoC that happened in the last week was that the results of the first evaluation were declared, and while most cleared it, some didn’t. Although there is little to no need to question their abilities, sometimes life just doesn’t go as planned; it seems easy to say that that’s what the real test is, nevertheless it can quickly become something tricky to cope with.

What next?

While most of the “proposed” work has been done, I will now be preparing some tutorials for the newly added functionality and tools, in an attempt to reduce the barrier to experimentation, use, and possible adoption of these new techniques into the workflow of its users.

So while this could take a good amount of time if quality is needed, there will surely some be time to play around with other things, but what exactly will end up happening will be answered by time.

Trying to learn enough to ask the right questions